Ability to customize author field in library display (e.g. lastname + initials, no punctuation and commas)

I’d be very happy for an option to customize the “Author” field when in library view/display.

  1. Last name + Initials only (Doe JP), or Full name (Doe, John Paul)

  2. Ability to remove comma and punctuation “Doe JP” instead of “Joe, J.P.”

  3. Ability to either display

   a) First author last name + et al. “Doe et al.”

   b) First author last name + initials  + et al. “Doe JP et al.”

   c) A fixed number of authors (e.g. 2 authors + et al.)

   d) All authors

The main reason being less cluttering (punctuations and commas) and space use - i.e. how wide the author field needs to be.


I overlooked the option: [Edit] [Preferences…] [Display Fields] Uncheck “Display all authors in author field”.

If unchecked, the author field will show only the last name for the first author. However, it would still be nice to have the option to display e.g. the first 2-3 authors + et. al.

Exactly my question, good tip thank you.

On a Mac, this is under the main EndNote menu > Preferences > Display Fields.

I second the request for the Author field to have the same display options as a citation ie, display 2 or 3 authors + et al.