Display first name but only for Author (Year)

For in text citations, is there away to display the author’s first name only when the style Author (Year) is used, but not for the default (Author, Year) style. So far I haven’t found a way to do this in EndNote X6. Thanks!

You can’t apply settings to one or the other and not both, as they use the same author settings?  

But I am not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve?  Can you give an example of what you mean by “first name”?  and how did you achieve it with the author (year)?  

That is what I understood too, but I was hopefull that maybe I was missing something :slight_smile:

I am working on a book and the editor just requested we added first names whenever we cite a reference using Author (Year). As there are ovver 1200 in-text citations, I was looking for some automatic way to do it. As in the example below: The theoretical framework proposed by John Hagan (1985) was that gender differences in delinquency stemmed from the fact that girls were controlled differently (…) With situational approaches, women and men are differently involved in crime because of their differing lifestyles (Cohen, 1979; Hindelang et al., 1978)."

Thanks for looking into this though!


I suspect editors stay up late at night thinking, “How can I mess with authors tomorrow?”  

I have never heard of this one though!  – So I would ask them if they have an in-house mechanism to achieve that?  

Mind you, I  rarely use the Author (year) sentence construction, and very few of my citations include the full first name in the first place! 

A possible work around would require creating a new custom field for the records (edit preferences, Reference Types, modify reference types you used in that sentence constructon (recommend using custom field 8 as the others are used in Journal, book, or book section, if you need to alter more than one ref type) and putting the author name as you want it to appear in the newly created custom field (named for example, Full-Name).  You would need to do this for all of those records that you will use in the Author (year).  If you would then edit the citation template for Author (Year) instead to Full-Name (Year), you should get what the editor wants.  I haven’t tested it though, so  I don’t know if it works and don’t know how many records you would need to manually alter, but it should be easier than editing the document to add the author names for each usage?  

I know, right? Crazy.

Your solution is actually not bad. As you said, it is just a matter of how many in-text citations do you need to manually modify and what is quickest way to do this. I think I save some time going through the document manually (about 700 citations using the Author (Year) format) versus editing all the references used for this text (about 1200) as I cannot quickly identify which ones are formatted at least once using the Author (Year) format

Thanks for your help! I am pasting below what I did, in case this is ever useful to someone.



This is what I did (based on the rules I have to follow re: the number of authors to cite.)

  1. unformat the in-text citations; 2. search for @author-year to identify every occurrences of the Author (Year) format; 3. add first names or edit names manually. See examples below

1 author = type first name in front of fieldcode:

Karlen {Faith, 1993 #19@@author-year} ===>  Karlen Faith (1993)

2 authors = type first name last name & first name last name fieldcode and use “Exclude author” format:

Jeffrey Ross & Stephen Richards {, 2002 #43} ===> Jeffrey Ross & Stephen Richards (2002)

3 or more authors: type first name of first author in front of fieldcode; author list rule is 3 or more use ‘et al.’

Reid {Toth, 2008 #4981@@author-year} ===> Reid Toth et al. (2008)