Ability to export and re-import libary references WITHOUT changing record number

Endnote doesn’t have scripting functions to make unique field from other fields.

However, if I can export all the library references using CSV format, import into some database software or even spreadsheet software, I can create custom field data. For example, I can tak only the last author’s name, and put it in the tertiary author field.

At this moment, the biggest trouble associated with such export/re-import is the new record numbers with the new library, which would mess up all the citations job for current (and previous) documents.

So I want EN to export reference data with record numbers, and provide options for users when references are re-imported to the record numbers. To be able to do this, import function needs to check number conflicts (multiple records with the same record number), but that should not be a difficult implementation.

Alternative idea is to “fill record number gap” function. Say for example, if one wants to format document, EN searches record number and search number gaps. Then, warn users if there are any numbers that are not consecutive. Users need to change the record number before formatting document. This way, the library always have consecutive record numbers, and I can always export and re-import to re-create my main library, with some additional unique field data.

These are probably “power user only” functions, but address so many things, if used appropriately.

[post edit] I thought about the alternative idea of filling number gap, but that would be a bad idea. If I delete one reference, say record #2, after 5 years, all the following records will have different record number, and it will screw up so many formatted documents…hmmm I think re-import with the same number will be only choice.

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