Accepted Endnote update, now Endnote opens every time a new Word document is opened!

I just accepted an Endnote update (X7.5) and now every time a new Word document opens, it starts Endnote. I only want to launch Endnote manually. What do I need to change?

Suggest you bypass the forum and contact tech support in the event your issue is related to the recent EndNote X7.5 Mac update released on February 2, 2016.

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Not sure where these preferences are in the Mac version, but in the windows version there are the CWYW preferences in Word to control the openning and closing of Endnote.  See attached jpeg image.  

yep, the Mac version has the same thing, and mine are unchecked! And yet, every time a new Word document opens (not just when Word is started), Endnote runs automatically.


We’ve been able to confirm this unintended behavior and Development has been alerted.  Unfortunately, in the interim, there’s no setting to change that would stop EndNote from automatically launching when starting Word 2008 or Word 2011.  Reverting back to EndNote X7.4 would temporarily resolve the issue, but you’d lose Word 2016 support and the other benefits that EndNote X7.5 provides - please contact Technical Support if you’d like assistance related to reinstalling EndNote X7.4.  Otherwise, our developers are actively investigating and we’ll let everyone know once resolution has been reached.  We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation.


An update for EndNote has been released to address this issue. Please click on the EndNote menu and select “Check for Updates.” Make sure EndNote is updated to version X7.5.1.1 to resolve this issue.