How to stop Endnote automatically loading when I start Word

Just in the last week I have struck a recurring problem, on two different Macs (an iMac and a Macbook Air) with Endnote automatically loading every time I start up Word. This seems to be happening regardless of the version of Word I have - I’m running a combination of Word 2011 and Endnote X7.5 on my work machine (the iMac) and Word 2016 plus Endnote X5 on the laptop. I have gone into the CWYW preferences and the auto-open and close check boxes are NOT checked; and yet still the wretched thing opens when I start Word. Earlier posts on a similar issue are from 2008 and not relevant to my versions of the software.

Please help!

And now I’ve just spotted the same issue raised by mlevin77 a few days ago - “Accepted Endnote update, now Endnote opens every time a new Word document is opened!”. Didn’t spot it before thanks to the headline. 

I look forward to a speedy resolution!

this is a bug that has been reported. see this thread

An update for EndNote has been released to address this issue. Please click on the EndNote menu and select Check for Updates. Make sure EndNote is updated to version X7.5.1.1 to resolve this issue.

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It’s very easy, just open microsoft word, click on endnote, click preferences, click general, you will see different boxes, untick the one that says open endnote when starting word.


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