ACS journals

ACS journals commonly put many references to the same subject under one number using a, b, c etc for the individual references.  Later on in the article, authors often refer to 1e etc.  Is there any way to do this with ref man or endnote other than laboriously reediting the ref numbers after you finish writing the paper?  Thanks Bruce 

You can do this in EndnoteX4, but not earlier versions.  It is called a composite citation.  The help section is below. The setting is available when you edit the output style under citation/numbering. 

Composite Citations

Within grouped references, you can differentiate individual citations with letters.

To define a composite citation:

  1. Select the box to “Use letters to separate grouped references.”

  2. Use the “Present letters in” list to select Lowercase or Uppercase letters.

  3. Select the appropriate letter format for in-text formatted citations. The examples illustrate how letters and numbers appear for consecutive citations and ranges.

  4. (1a, 1b), (1a, 1b, 2a-c)
    The number always appears with a stand-alone letter or with the first letter of a range. This is the default setting.

  5. (1a, b), (1a, b, 2a-c)
    Only the letter of the first citation of the composite is preceded with the number.

  6. (1a, b), (1a, 1b, 2a-c)
    The letter of the first citation of the composite is preceded with a number; additional letters include a number only if there could be ambiguity.

  7. (1a, 1b), (1a, 1b, 2a-2c)
    Letters are always preceded by a number.