Combining Citations

I wish to combine citations into one numbered reference as, for example:  99. (a) … (b) … (c )…

Or, also, into one numbered reference without the (a), (b), (c).

I am using EndNote X3 with Word 2007.

Please advise!

Can you give more details about how you envision the two working together?  I am not familiar with any publication that requires this kind of finesse.  How would you envision specifying to the program, when you would want one or the other to be used within a single manuscript? 

I publish in American Chemical Society journals, and use this feature quite regularly.

The idea is to group a set of related publications together.  Without (a), (b), (c), then the group is referenced as the set.  If individuals within the set need to be referenced then one would use “99b” or the like.

Thanks for the rapid response.

I think this feature is now available with EndNote X3. Have you looked at the ACS style supplied with EndNote X3?

Specifically, the section of that style on “Numbering” has provisions for using one number for references cited together, and also for using letters to separate grouped references.

Yes - thanks very much for that.

ACS allows one to do a multiple selection in your library, then use “Insert Citations”, and they are inserted with consecutive letters as a composite set.

So that is the first part of the job. 

To refer to a particular one of these, e.g., 2b, one again selects that individual reference from your library, does another “Insert Citation” and EndNote finds that reference and lists it together with the letter!