multiple endnotes in a single location: endnote x4


I am writing a paper and would like to insert multiple articles into one single location, for example instead of writing (1) first article (2) scnd article (3) third article … to write like (1) (a) first article (b) scnd article (c) third article etc! Could smbd provide a help?

Many thanks in advance


This is accomplished by modifying Citation numbering in your chosen Endnote output style.  

In Endnote:

  1. Click Edit, then click Open Citation Manager.
  2. Select the output style you want to edit.
  3. On the left panel of the opened style, click Numbering under Citations.
  4. Check Grouped references.
  5. Check Use letters to separate… under Composite Citations.
  6. Choose the in-text letter format you want.
  7. Save the style with a different name: e.g.   style name - modified