I have selected newpaper article style but the formatted references default to the generic style.  

This is my Newspaper Style in my Library: Reporter. Newspaper. City. Issue Date, Pages.

This is how it is formatted: Author, Title, in Secondary Title|, Secondary Author, Editor^Editors|. Year|, Publisher|: Place Published|. p. Pages|.

I don’t see Newspaper Style in my Style Manager so I downloaded all Styles and I don’t see it there either.

Can anyone help, please.



 What output style are you using?  The Ref type is not represented in the output style manager.  It is represented in the output style Bibliography or footnote templates and may not be defined in your chosen output style. 

For example see images attached.  In the first, is the standard normal template, which doesn’t have a “newspaper article” template.  You would need to add this template to the numbered output style, if that were the output style of your choice.  

Then you would create one (like image 2 attached) and fill it in.  - save to a NEW name, and change to that newly named output style in your word document (on the endnote ribbon).