Add folder attachments and more file formats, add "go to the folder" feature, rename attachments, manage reference fields

  1. Currently, only figures and pdf can be attached (am I right?). Someone told me we can add the zip file to the references as a file attachment. Please support all the major file attachments, such as .zip, .7z, .R, .m, .py, folder, etc. List all these attachments beside the pdf attachment for easy access and managements.

  2. Allo attach folders so that I can put all the supporting materials (code, data, documentation, etc) in the folders. Also please list the folder attachments beside the pdf attachments for easy access.

  3. When right click the attachments, please add “go to the folder” feature so that I can open the folder where the attachments are in. This will be much easier for managing the attachments.

  4. Allow the user to rename the attachments, for example, by right click an attachment, add “rename” feature.

  5. For multiple attachments, allow the user to move the location of the attachments in the tab. For example move the first attachment to the right of the third attachment, and move the last attachment to the first, etc.

  6. Manage reference type fields: For each reference type, there are many fields I don’t need, for example, ISBN/ISSN, Original Publication, Cusom 1, 2, … I know we can uncheck the empty fields. However, I would like to remove those fields. Also please allow use to rename the filed names.