Adding a university study guide?

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I am very new to using Endnote and I am trying to add a reference that is a university study guide. I have tried to add it as a book, journal, generic etc etc but instead of listing the course ie., EDU 8736 first in the alphabetised reference list in the document, it puts it as a ‘Book’. I then thought I could click in the correct part of the reference list and add it manually into the document, but I cant do that either. Im sure its a simple answer, and Ive looked through all the help guides but I just cant work it out. Ive wasted so much time trying to figure it out - please help!

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It all depends on where you do want it to appear in the list.  As you note, the reference list is generated by Endnote and thus, it can’t be manually adjusted until lyou are ready to submit the manuscript, when you can make a copy and unlink the endnote fields and mess around with it til your heart’s content. But you can also adjust endnote to include or adapt a reference type to produce what you want, automatically.  How do you want it to appear, and which field do you want to alphabetize it as?  If you just want it at the end, that can be adjusted to with some tricks of the trade. 

Also providing your Endnote version (X5?) and word processing program/version will help one of us to use examples from that version, as there are suble differences between the menu locations. 

(added in edit-- you want it first?  then give the order of fields that you want to appear). 

Thanks so much for your help! I am using Endnote x4 and am on Pages 09 (new to mac too so its been a bit of a whirlwind!)

How to convert once Im finished to make the changes to the reference list will be handy to know as well as the details of the editing process.

Also, I am required to use ‘and’ when listing two authors in the text but if in brackets, it needs to be ‘&’. I cant figure out how to do that either. At the moment it is ‘and’ all the way through.

Thanks again, I so appreciate your help and am SO glad I found this forum!!

Okay, I can walk you thru the Endnote changes and perhaps the Output Style, but I don’t know about the Pages side of things, in particular how to (and whether it is possible) to remove the “field” information to edit the document at the end.  Pages, as I recall, is a little more difficult to switch styles in. 

I forgot to ask what style you are starting with?  and you need to give me an example of the way you want the University Study Guide to appear in your reference list. 

If the Authors are in the text, by that do you mean "George and Smith (1993) described … "   as opposed to "It has been reported (George & Smith, 1993)… "? 

Are you following a style guide that you can provide a web link to ? 

APA (6th ed) - I can give you the link to the guide that the uni provides but there’s alot of info on it - so here is the section referring to referencing of Study Guides.

Type Examples

Introductory and study books

EDC1400 Foundations of curriculum and

       pedagogy: Introductory book. (2011). Toowoomba:

       University of Southern Queensland.

PSY2030 Developmental psychology: Study

       book. (2011). Toowoomba: University of

       Southern Queensland.

The above didnt cut and paste too well. Hope that makes sense as to what I am expected to do.

In relation to the authors, the uni guide quotes "One or two authors: Cite the names every time the reference occurs:

Smythe and Jones (2001) found … (first and subsequent


… as has been shown (Smythe & Jones, 2001)."

as well as…

“and” or “&”?

In running text use “and” to join the names of multiple authors, but use an ampersand (&) inside parentheses.

Jones and Brady (1991) continued to find …

The authors found the same result in the second and

third trials (Jones & Brady, 1991).

Thanks so much!

So lets tackle the citations first.  In X4 you will have type the Author and Author and insert the citation and then - and I don’t know how you do this in Papers09, but in MSword you hide the author by right clicking in the citation and chosing the option to hide author.  In X5 (at least in MSWord) you have another option to switch between Author & Author (year) and (Author & Author, Year) but I don’t think you can distinguish the & and the “and” in the two different instances anyway. 

Put the course number in the author field.  - since the year in your example follows the title, and APA usually follows the author, you may need a new Reference Type for the Uni Guides (below I adapted Blog).  If there is no difference, then the style will need to be edited (presumably for all ref types?  Books, book sections, journals) to follow the title. 

Next trick is the sorting.  Put the Course title in field that is always empty (I use language, as I don’t need it).  In your library hide all the Uni guides and in the rest of the references in your library (select all) replace that field (tools change, move field) with the letter Z. otherwise the the study guides will  end up last and not first…   and change the style bibliography (and citation if you like) to sort first on “language” and then on the author.  (this has been done in the attached style). 

In my library test, I used Blog as the ref type for the Uni guides. I only did this because it looked like the Title year order was different.  I think you can get away with using the book ref type, if they are all the same Title (year). order.

 I had duplicated the course number in both the author and the language fields for just those University guides (described above).  I also had to edit Blog (so it might not be the best choice) to include the publisher and place published fields.

The bracketed citation came out like this:

These are some books and “blog” citations (EDC1400, 2009; PSY1400, 2011; Albright & Woodward, 2008; Bhutto, 2008; Dille, 2007; Gelvin, 2011) where the sort is first on the “language” field and then on author field. (P.S. the ecletic refs I chose were from my High School son’s endnote library!)

Bibliography - ordered correctly. (note Author (Year) Title order for the books)

EDC1400 Foundations of curriculum and pedagogy: Introductory book. (2009). Toowoomba: University of Southern Queensland.

PSY1400 This is the title. (2011). Chicago: Academic Press.

Albright, M. K., & Woodward, W. (2008) Memo to the President elect : how we can restore America’s reputation and leadership (1st ed.). New York, NY: Harper.

Bhutto, B. (2008) Reconciliation : Islam, democracy, and the West (1st ed.). New York: Harper.

Dille, F. (2007) The ultimate guide to video game writing and design. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications.

Gelvin, J. L. (2011) The modern Middle East : a history (3rd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

APA 6th Uni-study.ens (60.2 KB)

Working slowly through it…when I go ‘change/move fields’ to put in z, it asks me to ‘select a field’ as well as to ‘before’ or ‘after’ etc. I went to do it anyway to see what would happen but it prompted me with the ’ are you sure? It cant be undone’ blurb, so I just wanted to check with you first before I blunder on!!

The rest of it all looks good so Im pretty excited that it can be worked out and I can add the reference correctly. Thanks again for your help. I so appreciate it.

Yes, you do have to pick the field.  It is also a pretty good idea to make a copy of the library first, if worried, so you can “undo it” in a sense!  If you are sure the field is something you never use, I would replace the field with the character Z maybe followed by a comma and a space at the beginning of the field so you don’t lose any information in the field and can always replace the Zcomma_space with nothing to get back where you were! (using the change text tool in reference drop-down I think)

Perfect - its all worked nicely. Thank you SO much for your help! (I cant figure out the ‘and, &’ bit yet though…) oh well!! :smiley:

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That “and” and “&” are not going to be possible automatically.  You will have to write out the author names or drag and drop it from the conventionally formated citation and then hide the author via the edit citation right click option and then replace the & with the word and manually when necessary.  Even in Endnote X5 there is no way to treat the two differently and this option might be something the developers might want to consider looking at for future upgrades I guess.   

 I am required to use ‘and’ when listing two authors in the text but if in brackets, it needs to be ‘&’. I cant figure out how to do that either. At the moment it is ‘and’ all the way through. Thank you.

It isn’t possible to do different things depending on whether the (Author, Year) or Author (Year) citation template is chosen.  You have to do one or the other.  The work around would be to use the manual edit, where you hide authors and type them in, as you want them to appear.  

Which publisher’s instructions are you trying to match?  If you have an example, you can have the publisher ask Endnote’s company, Clarivate to adjust the program to meet their requirements.