Two reference lists?

Hi! Apologies if this query has been raised before…

I am handing in my thesis next week and I have merged various sections into the one final document. Upon doing so I have two reference lists, both in alphabetical order. How do I merge the two? I tried unformating and then updating the references using the endnote MS taskbar but that didn’t work… If I cut and paste each one into the right position will I lose the in-text referencing? I’m using endnote X6 and MS 97-2003

Looking for help! :s

What output style are you using?  

The best way is to unformat a copy of each 1/2, Make sure there are no residual bibliographies and then, combine them - make sure there isn’t a section break (or make sure you are using a output style that doesn’t create a bibliography in each section).  Best to paste one into the other, and and check the little icon that comes up, to retain the formating of the original document (so your carefully formated text and tables aren’t adopting the new document settings).  

Before combining it makes sense to check that the base document has the paper size and margins required for your thesis. 

Then format bibliography from the Word Endnote toolbar.  (I would have to review where that is in Word2003)  making sure that the output style of choice is the one in the format bibliography dialog box. Then if you have appendices or other end matter you copy  bibliography from the end to a position in front of those materials.  

If you need further advice PM me (click on my name and find the send private message) - I am the Word Thesis person here for our students!.