Adding all the references in my endnote into an existing document.


I have little experience of endnote. I have completed a document with citations and a bibliography using CWYW on an Mac. I now want to import all the references that I have in my endnote into the bibliography of this document. I can see how to do this one reference at a time but is there a quicker way to import all into the word document.

Many thanks


I am not sure what you are wanting.  Do you want references that you haven’t cited in th document as well?  You can export your whole library (with output style of choice) as an .RTF file (so you don’t lose formatting)  to a new document.  I think the export on the Mac version is in the apple menu. 

Thank you for your response and apologies for not being very clear. Yes I want all references including the ones that have not been cited. Can I add those that have not been cited to the bibliography that has been created in the document which does have some citations?


Depends on how you cited them – What version of endnote are you using?  How are the citations listed in the existing bibliography?  and Why would you want to include references that aren’t cited? 

Version 6.0 MAC

Author/ date in text

Need to submit as a development stage in my PhD - only some references are cited but I need to submit the whole of my bibliography to date.

then I would just make a copy of the document to a new file and then “convert to plain text” from the endnote tools in word (which removes any Endnote fields), delete the existing bibliography and replace with the exported library, copied and pasted it from the exported document. 

Go back to the other document to keep working on that one, going forward.   

Will do - thanks so much for the advice.