importing a whole library into a word document


I am a new endnote user and I am mostly using it while writing a text in Word.

I would like to import the whole library at the end of the document

even though so far I have cited only a few references. 

How can I do this?


You want to export the whole library to a document (rtf) making sure the correct style is selected in the lower right hand corner.  Then paste it at the end of your document. 

Another way is to go to Endnote, use Ctrl+A to select all references, use Ctrl+K to “Copy Formatted”. Before Ctrl+K, make sure output style you desire is selected. Then go to the end of Word document, “Paste special” and choose “unformatted text”.

This “formatted copy&paste” won’t create link between Endnote references and Word document. Also, the order of the references may not be the one you want.

Thanks a lot! that was helpful

Sounds like you want to make a bibliography and not a reference page. If you do then this is what you need to do:

Open endnote, select Tools scroll down to “subject bibliography”, then click on ‘reference type’ then ók’. Select All then ok.  You should have a list of all your references under their subject heading.  If at this stage you need to go and change the line spaces, just push the 'layout’button click on the 'bibliography layout’button.  In the second large box push the enter button on your keyboard.  Now there will be a single line space between each reference. You can then do one of two things. Copy all and paste into your document or save the document and then insert it into your word programme.