Import references of a paper which is already in Endnote library?


Is it possible to import references cited in a paper directly in the endnote, where the paper is already present in the endnote x7 library?


Do you mean that you: 1) have a paper containing citations/references generated by Endnote, 2) but don’t have the corresponding Endnote library from which the citations/references were generated in the paper?

If so, you could export  the citations/references into an Endnote traveling library then use the traveling library. . Here’s information from  the  built in  Endnote  “Help”  feature located in the toolbar:   

Exporting Word’s Traveling Library to an EndNote Library

There may be occasions where you want to copy all of the references used in a Microsoft Word document to an EndNote library. Perhaps you received only the formatted Word document from a colleague, and would like to create EndNote references to use later. Or, you may have a large EndNote library, but want to create a smaller EndNote library with only the subset of references used in your paper.

Note: The Traveling Library does not contain Notes, Abstracts, Figures, or Captions.

To export references from a Word document to an EndNote library

  1. Open the document in Word.
  2. From the EndNote tab, select Export to EndNote, and then select Export Traveling Library.
  3. On the Export Traveling Library dialog, select either:
  • An existing EndNote library:
    Select a library from the drop-down list of available libraries, or click Browse to locate a library.

  • A new EndNote library:
    You will be prompted to name and save the new library.

Note: We recommend that you export to a new EndNote library, so you can review the records before adding them to an existing library.

There is an alternate way to copy references from your Word document to an EndNote library. Open both your Word document and the EndNote library. Then, in EndNote, go to the Tools menu, then the Cite While You Write submenu, and select Import Traveling Library.

Note: When you use the Export/Import Traveling Library commands, the exported references are renumbered and do not retain their original reference numbers.

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Hi CrazyGecko,

Thank you for the information. Actually what I would like to do is following:

Say I find reference A  (that is downloaded in the endnote x7) interesting and I want to get all the references that are cited inside that reference A into endnote as well.

How can I do this?   Thanks.

Endnote doesn’t have an easy way to do this, no.  (see

Some subscription databases have the ability to collect and export the cited references. If your institution subscribes to SCOPUS, for example.  Possibly Web of Science has this facitily too.  

DId you already find a method. I am currently writing an article on this topic in which indeed I am using Scopus or web of science.

I have created an output style that can find the articles in your endnote file automatically in scopus or wos, and from that export the references into your endnote library.

if you’re interested let me know at

Wichor Bramer

Has anyone found a solution for this?