Adding DOI to all EndNote styles

I have understood that the DOI, if it exists, is not captured in all the EndNote styles, unless the authors make a modification or contact EndNote for assistance. Will that change in future so that a DOI string (if displayed as part of a reference) always will be captured whatever EndNote style you are using?

unlikely. That is the problem with having thousands and thousands of output styles?  I guess it will be done for the ones that enough people ask them to. 

thanks for response - understood  - but could it be part of all new styles created? if journal articles are published in a volume as soon as they are ready and thus only have volume and year the doi is the unique identifier - which also seems to be used more and more in the online environment

New output styles are created according to the guidelines of the publisher. If a new output style is requested which requires a DOI for a particular reference type that EndNote contains, then that field is included in the output style.