Excluding DOI and URLs

Hi all

I’m having an issue with endnote including any DOI and URLs in my references. I use endnote 7, and have done what is recommended in other posts on this forum, but they are still showing



The inclusion of the DOIs or URLs are based entirely on the output style you are using.  So what have you tried?  You would need to use a different output style or edit the output style you are using to removed those fields and save as to a new style and to change your manuscript settings to use that modified output style?  try the attached, for example. 
Cell hanging.ens (12.7 KB)

I use the Author-Date (Harvard) Style supplied by uni.  I downloadd it from the link below


Then your Uni is asking for DOIs and URLs to be included, because they are included in the output style they have provided you with?  

Again, if you don’t want them, they have also provided you with information on how to edit the output style, etc.

But you should check with them, as to what they do and don’t want in your bibliography?