How do I get the DOI to show up in the bibliography?

I am using WIREs style, and they require that I include the DOI in my bibliography.  I have it in nearly every reference in my EndNote library, but it doesn’t get pulled into the bibliography.

I am using Windows 8.1, Office 2010 Professional Version, and EndNote X7.


The DOI field is probably not appearing in the bibliography because the field is not included in the bibliography template of your Endnote output style file. If the DOI field is inserted then the template would generate entries that display the field. Which output style are you using and can you attach it?

I am using WIREs style.  File is attached.
WIREs-1.ens (17.1 KB)

Yep,  if you look at the Bibliography templates, the only time the DOI is included is in the electronic journal template.  You would need to edit it, if you want it to appear in the normal Journal Article template too.  Not sure how you want it to appear, but you can careful copy and paste the parts of the Electronic to the Journal templates.  

I added it to end of the JA template in the attached, but not sure that is what you wanted.  

WIREs-1 -DOI.ens (17.3 KB)

Thank you SO much, Leanne.  I am so relieved to have this!!