Update to filters to include DOI data

It would be useful if the ‘standard’ filters distributed with EN were updated to include DOI data from those databases where it is available. DOIs are increasing required in the referencing styles used by some disciplines, eg. APA, and are now available from many database vendors.

Greg Fry

Faculty liaison librarian

Charles Sturt University 

I agree that it is now important to have a data filed for DOI. We have had faculty members ask how to do this, so it is time to add a new data field for it.  Yes, I know that the various styles will then need to alter their formats to add this, but at least, the data will be in the EndNote record.


The Content Team for ResearchSoft products makes every attempt to review the filters that are distributed with our products to make sure that they contain the most updated field parsing.  When a DOI number is made available we will parse that information correctly into the DOI field in our products. 

With styles, we rely mostly on contact from end users and the editors of those publications who wish to use the DOI number in the reference details.  This is definitely becoming increasingly popular and we strive to keep up with those editorial changes as they occur.

How can you help?  You can assist us by reporting filter and style changes via our website request pages at: 

http://www.endnote.com/support/enstylereq.asp (for style requests and changes)

http://www.endnote.com/support/enfilterreq.asp (for filter requests and changes)

Thank you for your continuing support of EndNote!

Cheryl Rodriguez, Manager-Content Files