Adding references (with pdf attachments) to an existing library


Hopefully someone can help! I’ve tried searching for answers with little success.

I have two Endnote X8 libraries. A master library (about 2000 refs with pdf attachments) and a secondary library (about 1000 refs with pdf attachments).

I want to add all the references (including the pdf attachments) in the secondary library to the master library. How?

I have tried to drag and drop and import .enl. However, only the references are copied across and I need both the references and their attached pdf to be copied across.

Both libraries and data folders are stored on a hard drive.


That is very unusual.  Are they attached as “absolute” or “relative” attachments?  These are settings in the preferences (see first image attached).  Relative are copied to an endnote folder, while absolute are linked to the location they live.  That might mean they aren’t be copied either?  I know they are compressed if not relative attachments.  You can change absolute to relative attachments in the references menu, if you want to see if it makes a difference (image 2).  I would make a copy of the library first to protect it.