merge libraries with file attachments X2

Hi there,

I have two endnote libraries that I use regularly, one at home and one at work, and  I’d like to keep these synchronised as much as possible.  They both contain pdf file attachments using the relative link function.  My plan was to email myself a compressed copy of the work library with the data file and then import this into my library at home.  However, when I try to import the file I only get the references without file attachments and the following error message:

Could not copy reference. A file associated with the “File Attachments” field  of the reference is missing from the source database.

The data file is there in the right folder, so I’m not sure what’s going wrong.  I’d be grateful if anyone has any suggestions.

If you unpack the library (open the enlx file) are the links there? 

If you are sending/compressing the whole library, why do you need to import it - aren’t all the records there already?

Make sure that the directory structure and file names are not  combined to result in too many characters, exceeding the filename length of the operating system.