merging libraries

I am working with a team and each one created an endnote library. I am merging them. I have copied each library and .data file to my computer as well as the folders that have the pdf files associated to each library. But now, I can’t access the pdf attachment within each library. How do I merge them without losing the connection of each reference with the attached pdf file? Thanks.

I am assuming that the PDFs were located in an “absolute” path rather than in the .DATA folder as a relative link (References, file attachments> convert…).  On the original machine with the library, you can convert absolute linked PDFs to relative, and it will save them to the .DATA folder.  Then compress the library into an .enlx file which you should copy to the new machine.  Then you should open that file and save it.  Once all the libraries are on the new machine, you can import each library into the library which will be your combined version, with discard duplicates on so if multiple users have some of the same references, it will only \keep one version. 

good luck!