Adding references

How can I add the entire list of references at the bottom of an article? I mean all the articles cited by it.

Please help! 

If you have access to a proprietary database such as Scopus or probably Web of Science, you can select and then export the cited papers from there, it is a multistep process to import a text file into endnote.  There are a couple threads using other software. 

I have never used these techniques however.  I download what I need directly from pubmed or scopus.  

Some of the Hubmed links are stale.  there is hubmed Help which you can search for “endnote” here  

The  Nucleic Acids article describing it says: 

As illustrated in Figure 1, HubMed also provides direct export of article metadata in a range of other formats, including RIS (, for use with Endnote, RefDB and many other bibliographic tools), BibTeX (, for use in TeX documents), MODS (, for use with XML document formats) and a direct link to send citation data to the online bibliographic library manager RefWorks ( HubMed maintains Unicode (UTF-8) characters throughout all its processes, so can provide the option to either include these accented characters in exported citation data or convert them to their Latin equivalents for use with older, Unicode-incompatible tools.

Figure 1

Figure 1

A HubMed page displaying the abstract for a single article along with action links and options for a variety of export formats.

To aid researchers wishing to browse the bibliography lists of papers published online in PDF format, HubMed can extract bibliographic data from text copied and pasted from PDF documents. The Citation Finder, available at, extracts each reference, parses the citation string and converts it into a PubMed search; the results are then displayed in HubMed as standard search results, allowing users to continue to read and work with the referenced articles. This citation parsing algorithm is based on a modified version of the ParaTools Perl modules ( produced by the Open Citation Project (

Eaton, A.D. (2006). HubMed: a web-based biomedical literature search interface. Nucleic Acids Res 34, W745-747. URL: