Converting an arbitrary reference list into an Endnote library

Hi, I would like to take a reference list from an article and retrieve all items into an Endnote library. Normally, I do this manually, i.e… connect with Endnote to Pubmed, type in the authors and/or parts of the title and retrieve the records to Endnote. But often I want to do this with a list of 100-200 citations. Is there any more automated solution? In some cases, the list of references also contains the PMID-s, and one can easily write a script that will retrieve all articles according to PMIDs. But in many cases there are only the citations. Hope this is clear - thanks in advance. Cheers, Sandor

It’s possible to do but not in an “automated” manner.  Additional coding needs to be added to the references to separate information from each reference into separate fields which identify things such as the author name, date of the publication title, etc. These separators are also known as “delimiters” which usually entail tabs or commas to separate the fields into distinct units of information.

Adding the delimiters can be performed in MS Word by using the Find and Replace feature. However, additional tags need to added to label each line.  So for example, the line containing the author’s name could be prefaced with “AU”.  If you open an EndNote filter, you’ll see these tags and the corresponding EndNote field names which together enable importing the data.

It might be possible to automate embedding the delimiters and tags in MS Word by using macros, however, you’ll need to determine if it’s worth the time to do so.

Alternatively, you may want to look up the article in a database that allows you to export the cited references along with the article citation.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

You may also want to look at this old thread. In particular:

The HubMed Citation Finder is pretty good for automatically converting a medical bibliography into a file that can be imported into EndNote. See this FAQ.