adding supplemental info to page citation in footnote

Dear Common Wisdom:

When I use EndNote to add citations in MS Word I know to use the @ + the page number in order to cite specific pages. However, sometime I need to add additional info to the page, like p. “124, fn.3” or “199, ill. 459”. 

Why I try to do just this in Word the next time EndNote formats the footnotes the additional info after the page number is cut off.

Any ideas?



Use the suffix for the additional information, inserting the space and punctuation into the suffix field when you edit the formatted citation.  The cited page info goes in the cited page field and the rest in the suffix field. this works, I tested it with APA 6th.  However, the unformatted citation looks like this:

{Takahashi, 2011, #132,`, fn.3@23}

with the ` sign before the punctuation and the suffix in front of the @cited pages field.  reversing them in manual trials didn’t work, as the numbers were interpreted as part of the cited pages field and wirer and wonderful things happened. 

alternatively type exact what you want after the record like this:

{Takahashi, 2011 #6826, p. 199, ill. 459}

and that works too, put the cited pages need to be typed as you want them to appear with the p. for example, or pp. if multiple pages.  once formatted and unformatted, it will appear as this, but if entering it manually, it doesn’t appear to require the insertion of the ` in front of punctuation. 

{Takahashi, 2011 #6826, p. 199, ill. 459}

Not quite.

I need to use Chicago with this paper and I am getting unwanted punctuation. A period after the abbreviated title.

Exactly, I get this:

Rice, <it>Art of the Byzantine era</it>., 199, illustr. 181.

I don’t want a period after title, just the comma like all the other citations.

What am I missing.

If I use suffix, again, it adds an unwanted period.

This so way beyond my pay grade as I never use footnotes containing citations, let alone cited pages!

If there are always cited pages or suffixes you can remove the punctutation from the short title template, but that is probably not the right answer. 

You should use the cited pages and suffix fields as they are, although you  still have a problem if you want a suffix but not cited pages.   

If I use the cited pages field and the suffix field, then it works?  I get the comma.  I agree that the entry of the whole information into suffix gets the errant punctuation that you describe, as does just having info in just the suffix and no cited pages.   I just noticed that with a suffix, you then you get a ., after the cited pages, and you probably don’t want both there either? 

I know there have always been Endnote forum discussions about punctuation rules in footnotes, and now I can see why!

So this is when I go back to writing my paper and hoping the publishers will clean up the copy once it is accepted, or have someone with attention to detail clean it up before submission (on a copy after having stripped the endnote fields!) 

Back in the day, articles would occasionally include an inline “Appendix” for complex discussions, e.g., complex math, important to the paper but not of interest to the general reader.  Increasingly it seems that math, extra figures, tables and further discussion are published online as a Supplement.  My problem is in saving the PDF of these Supplements along with the originating paper in the EndNote bibliography. 

Thank You and sorry if this is out of place

(a novice v7.7.1 Mac user)

yes, you should start a new thread for a new topic?  

You can drag and drop as many supplemental files into a endnote record, but endnote doesn’t usually retrieve them thru the find full text mechanism.  You have to get them manually.