Adding additional text to footnotes

If I am using a style with footnotes in EndNote Web and want to add some additional explanatory text to the reference, how do I do that?  I’ve tried using the suffix box, but it adds the text to the in-text citation rather than the footnote.

I am pretty sure that you just add it to the footnote itself, manually, after or in front of the citation.   Insert footnote, in the footnote, insert citation.  Type in the text you also want to appear (outside the “grey” field).  At  least that is how it works with conventional version of Endnote? 

Thanks for your reply, but there doesn’t seem to be an insert note option in the Word EndNote Web tools, or do you mean just insert a Word footnote?

Yes. You need to use the MS Word function to create the actual footnote and then use EndNote [web or desktop versions] to insert the citation/reference.

After creating the footnote using the Word function, you should be able to type in additional text before or after the EndNote citation.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks.  Will that order the footnote correctly with any that are inserted just via EndNote (i.e. those that are just a citation without any text)?

You need to use a Footnote style for all your references if you are going to cite with a footnote style.  You wouldn’t use a “numbered” style.  But there is a macro to convert in text citations to footnotes in this thread.