Adding text within an EndNote Citation


Just wanted to ask a quick question. I’m pretty competent in usin EndNote, but there’s one issue I cannot seem to solve.

When I insert a citation within Word, I get the standard (Author, Year).

However, I would like to add an acronym within the citation.

For example:

(FTND, Heatherton et al., 1990).

This seems to work fine manually, but if I add another citation later on in the document, EndNote updates the references and ends up modifying the manual entry to the form of (FTND) (Heatherton et al, 1990).

Any suggestions?


Are you adding that text to the citation via the Edit Citation (right click in the formated citation for the option) and clicking on the “more” to add it to the prefix (inclusive of comma and space trailing the FTND)?  It should work.  In an unformated citation (if you have CWYW off) this can be entered and will appear as {FTND, \Author, Year #RecNo}.

Thanks, Leanne!

I wasn’t aware of that method for adding an acronym for a psychological assessment scale.

My remaining question for you would be whether adding this prefix would affect this same citation that is included later on in my document (but where it’s cited later on, I would have no use for the prefix).

Hello, Nick:

No, it affects ONLY the citation you’ve actually selected, not later instances of the citation.

Other uses for the Edit and Manage Citations tool include excluding the author name if it’s previously used in a sentence, excluding a year for the same reason, removing individual citations from your paper, and adding page numbers.

You can see our training video on using Edit and Manage Citations in EndNote X5 here.