Additional text in citation

I might have overlooked it but I’m struggling with this problem already for a while.

When I use in-text citations in Word and create a bibliography I want to achieve the following:

  1. For recent reviews see: a) author1, journal year,…; b) author2, journal etc.

How do I get this little sentence in front and not counted as a reference ?

Currently I make a new reference in endnote with year = 1900 (so it definitely appears first) and “For recent reviews see:” as text. It gives me the following output which needs no be changed afterwards manually:

  1. a) For recent reviews see: b) author1, journal year,…; c) author2, journal etc.


there is no way, unless you are working with footnotes to achieve this in a bibliography produced by endnote.  

I was searching also, trying to figure out how to do this very thing.

Very disappointed to see it’s not possible. :frowning:

Most of us would indicate that information in the citation itself, not in the bibliography.   Do you have a publication that requests this format?  If so, I would provide that in the suggestions forum, to see if the developers can provide an alternative.