"reviewed in" / "adapted from" in the reference brackets

hi all,

sorry if my question was asked before but i couldn’t find anything. should be a fairly easy thing: i want to add text like “reviewed in” or “adapted from” IN the brackets of the reference. example: (reviewed in Campellone and Welch, 2010)

when i try to insert this in the brackets manually endnote autocorrect it and kicks it out. could somebody help me?

and i have another question. sometimes i mention authors names in the text and then i would like to only put the year in the reference. example: Wabnitz and coworkers (2010) showed that…

is there a possibility that this can be done in endnote. i mean that endnote recognizes it as a reference and adds the corresponding article in the bibliography although the usual style in the document would be (Wabnitz et al., 2010) as a reference in the text.

thank u very much for answers in advance.


You’ll need use EndNote’s edit feature to change the citation.  Place your cursor on the citation you want to change then right-click to display a submenu, select EDIT CITATIONS, MORE. The “Citations” pop-up window appears and you’ll be able to perform various adjustments:

Your Example: (reviewed in Campellone and Welch, 2010)

  1. Click to select “Exclude Author”.

  2. In the Prefix box type: reviewed in Campellone and Welch,

   [*Note: Also add one blank space following the comma]

  1. Click OK to close the Citations window.

Your Example: Wabnitz and coworkers (2010)

  1. Click to select “Exclude Author”.

  2. Click OK to close the Citations window.

  3. In the MS Word document place your cursor before (2010) then type: Wabnitz and coworkers

Could you provide further explanation about your last question?  If you’re referring to hyperlinking (i.e. linking an EndNote citation to the corresponding full-text article), that can be done in MS Word.  The EndNote citation(s) would need to be converted to text format to enable the hyperlinking so this is probably something that should be done once the document is finalized as once converted to text you won’t be able to reverse the citations to EndNoted format.

For the first example, there is no reason to exclude the authors, just add reviewed in(space) to the prefix. 

thank u very much. u 2 solved both of my problems. lovely.