(Citation #1, see also Citation #2, Citation #3) etc. in Word?

Hi, I’m brand new to Endnote. How do I create an in-text citation in Word that puts a particular reference first in a list, then says “see also” the other studies? I can see how to add prefixes and suffixes but can’t figure out how to change the default order or add text in the middle like that. Thank you! 

Unless you turn off sorting of citations completely, you can’t change the order of one set. 

I tend to separate the two sets by a space, and consider modifying it at the last step. So (Citation #1)<space>(see also Citation #2, Citation #3)

 or rearrange the sentence completely so I talk about the specific result in citation 1 and then add a more general statement for what is covered in citation 2 and 3. 

Or you can hide citation #1 (edit citation group, more) and you can hide the author year of the citation you want to go first, and then add the citation text like this  “Berben, et al 1988, see also” in the prefix of the remaining next citation.  – the downside, is if et al needs to be italicized, this can’t happen in prefix or suffix text, and Word doesn’t allow that in  a field.