Automatically add "reviewed in" before a review citation

I want end note to automatically added “reviewed in” before a review article citation within the brackets e.g. (reviewed in 1,2) and if it is a review and paper cited together I want it to look like (1 and reviewed in 2). As of now I have to manually edit the citations, EndNote doesn’t even recognise review articles as a separate reference type from research articles. Is there any way to do this?

You mean to manually edit the citation in word.  That won’t stick.  You need to right click on the citation and edit it by inserting that text (edit citation, more, put the text in the prefix box WITH the tailing space). If you put it in front of the first citation and want (reviewed in 1, 2) that will work fine.  – If you convert to temporary citations it will look like this {reviewed in /Joe, 2000 #123; Jane, 2014 #222}

It is a bit more difficult for when one is and when one isn’t a review.  Since the first, non-review citation is usually earlier, and most groups of citation are ordered by date, it may work, but some are alpha ordered by author.  So the temporary citation if you convert to insert the prefix in front of the second citation - if it looks like this {Joe, 2000 #123; reviewed in /Jane, 2014 #222}  will work if ordered by appearance or by year first, but probably not if alpha ordered by name.  These are more of a problem if (author year) format or alpha ordered.  

You can’t have different citation rules for different ref types, so there is no way to automate this entirely

I was actually hoping that EndNote could on its own recognise review articles as a separate reference type from journal article and then on its own insert the citation for it as “(reviewed in 1)” instead of just “(1)”.

This was the first thing I wish to achieve.

The second is a corollary to the first. When EndNote starts to recognise reviews as a separate reference type from journal article, while citing journal articles and references together, I want it to be cited as “(1,2,3 and reviewed in 4,5,6)”.

I have seen that it is possible to create a new reference type, but I don’t understand how to get EndNote to identify reviews as that new reference type automatically without having to manually change the reference type for each review. I want to know if I can somehow use the following difference in the information that comes from PubMed:

Journal articles show the “Type of Article” field as “Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t”, or “Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t” or something similar, but never include the word “review” in it, whereas,

Review articles show the “Type of Article” field as “Review” or “Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural Review” or something similar with the word “review” in it.

Is this possible?

I had added a codicil in an edit of the previous message.  There is no way to automatically generate a different citation format based on ref type.  – So no, this isn’t possible in versions of Endnote up to and including endnoteX7.3.1.  You can create a new ref type for reviews, and assign them and have a specific way they would be listed in the bibliography template, but not in the in-text citation.