Allow customization of column field in main screen

EndNote X8 allows the user to display all authors or only the last name of the first author under the “Author” column in the main screen. How about allowing users to precisely control what to display? I would love to see APA still names in that colum (ie. Lastname, A. & Lastname, B.).

I agree

I use the screen display to check my references are complete e.g., journala rticles include DOI and this “pre-formatting” would eliminate cockpit errors as well as detect style format errors

This would not be hard for them to do but be a real boon

EndNote developers are you listening?

Isn’t that what the “preview” option does for you? (see attachment)  If you have a style selected in endnote which includes things like DOI and that the journal titles are using the correct Journal term for that publication, etc.  You can view examples from various ref types to make sure they are producing the output you expect in the bibliography.  (I do wish there was a preview of the citation or the footnote output as well, though.)