Am J Respir Crit Care Med reference format problem


I’m new to Endnote so the answer may be obvious, but it isn’t to me.

I’m formatting references for the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. If I import a sample citation that has capitalizations of certain words in the title (e.g., the name of a protein) that should look like this:

“… phosphorylation of JNK1 by FAK is …”

into my document (MS Word 2004, Mac, Leopard, Endnote X2.1), it comes out as:

 “… phosphorylation of jnk1 by fas is …”

Neither the ‘JNK’ nor the ‘FAK’ were capitalized properly. This is because, from what I can tell, the ‘title capitalization’ of the style for that journal is set to ‘sentence style’, which means the entire title, after the first letter, will be lower case.

Ok, so I go to Edit Output Styles in Endnote for this particular journal and change title capitalization to ‘leave titles as entered’. Since the acronyms are formatted as capitalized when Endnote imports them (I can see that in Preview), I should be good, right?

Nope. I go back to my Word document and the capitalizations are wrong. If I re-import the citation, it’s still wrong. If I quit both Word and Endnote and re-start both, it’s still wrong. 

So clearly I’m missing something. How do I fix this? 

You really have capitalized acronyms [JNK1, FAK, etc] in Endnote entry, right?

When you change output style and try to save, Endnote does strange things (which I really hate).

If the style is made by Thomson Reuters, and you try to overwrite, it goes to “Save As” mode, and forces you to add “copy” at the end. You might have saved the one you changed as “copy” style.

You can overwrite the Thomson’s output styles without the “copy” at the end, and once you do that, “Save” mode seems to be available. I think they are trying to protect styles they created, but it produced a lot of confusions.

What I mean is; You might have changed the title formatting and “saved as” copy, but your output style selection still might be the one with the Thomson’s original.

Hope this solves your problem.


That did it. I saved the new style as a copy and will use that in the future. Thanks,