Wrong capitalisation

I have put my refernces into Endnote with the correct capitalisation of the journal tiltles but when they appear in Word they are in sentence case. This is really annoying. I am on a PC. Have the latest update, tried changing the titles using the Capitalise in edit. Can anyone help?

Have a look at the Journals Terms List and check the formats in the three abbreviation columns. Does one column use lowercase? If yes edit the output style and under “Journal Names” change to a different abbreviation. If there are no abbreviation options in your terms lists, delete all the entries and reimport the journals terms lists.


Thank you!!! Solved the problem :grinning:

and turn off the preference to auto update the Journal terms list!

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I am facing an issue in bibliography, I required to do headline style capitalization, but the style which I do not wish to change in the word also, converting to small letters. For example, MOF is converting to Mof. I required only the first letter every word to capitalized, also other letters in the words should appear as it is.

You don’t indicate which version of Endnote you are currently using and this is a totally different issue from the one you are posting in. I am assuming it is the title of an article that you wish to manage and not journal titles?

To prevent MOF from being converted to lower case, you will need to add it and other similar “words” to the Change Case list in Endnote Preferences. For example, I have DNA, RNA, USA in my list in the attachment view of the preference list. You get to these preferences, from the EndnoteX9 Edit>Preferences, Change Case and add them there.

From the help menu: Change Case Preferences

For titles, this preference is used only when an output style is set up to apply “Headline style capitalization” or “Sentence style capitalization” (rather than “Leave titles as entered”).

  • To add words to the list, enter the term in the text box at the top of the dialog, and then click Add.
  • To remove an item from the list, select the term and click Remove.

Where is this information saved?

The list of terms entered into the Change Case preferences panel is stored in the Users/[Your Folder]/Library/Application Support:EndNote/EndNote Case Words file. For a quick way to duplicate the lists for another computer running EndNote , copy this file to the same location on the other computer

. For another user account on the same machine, copy the file to the other user’s Users/[Your Folder]/Library/Application Support/EndNote folder.

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