Capitalisation issue with Endnote X6

Hi TR community,

I am just trying to complete an assigment which is assessing on the use of Endnote. I used the download style from here.  I somehow cannot get myself to make the journal titles capitalisation; so when I got my assignment back; I got deducted 1/2 marks for not making the capitalisation right. I didn’t expect the style to be wrong.

So I want my “Journal of molecular biology” to become “Journal of Molecular Biology” for all of my references.

I have tried making changes under Open Terms List according to this post

but it became much worse! I edited in the Open Terms List > Journals Terms List > changed the abbreviation 1 for journal of immunology  and now it dissappeared from the list and now appears as " J Immunol". I deleted the J Immunology in the Terms List.

I also tried the following Edits > Output Styles > Edit “J Immunology” > Bibliography > Title Capitalization > changed first option to second option (Headline style capitalization)

Again; no effect.

See attachment to reflect my issue. I know Endnote can be potentially a good software; but it was those kind of issues that kept me from using it.

Thank you in advance.