Ambiguous citation error - just installed 7.3

I have a citation with the same author, same years, e.g., Smith et al. 2009a, Smith et al. 2009b. Before I installed 7.3, it was printing correctly. Now the 2009b is changed to 2009k. There are only the two 2009 citations  by this author in the generated bibliography (one is a and the second is k). However… there are a total of 11 citations with Smith as first author - different years, different combinations of authors (some single, some two, some multiple). Coincidence that k is the 11th letter? I’ve tried deleting and reinserting the citations. Nothing fixes it.

There are a couple of already-existing threads about this issue. We are aware of it and have a beta release available with the potentional fix. If you would like information on beta testing, please contact me and I will send further information. Please indicate if you are Mac or Windows.



Thanks, Sharon. Sorry I did a search but didn’t see anything - wasn’t sure what to search for. Anyhow, I’m using windows and would appreciate any information you can provide.  Thanks!