Ambiguous citation not working correctly

Hi, I’m having issues with the format of my citations and reference list.  I have two articles by the same author in the same year, and so it should be 2005a and 2005b, but insead EndNote has decided it’s 2005a and 2005c.  I can’t figure out why it’s doing this, or how to change the c to b.  Please help!  Thanks.

Hi Sabavan,

I’m having exactly the same problem - see the posting below on Multiple items by same author in same year - and have followed the advice so far although it hasn’t fixed it yet. I did wonder if it might be something to do with Ambiguous citations but as I haven’t changed any settings I’m not sure what they should be - there was a recent update to EndNote X7 so that might have changed something?

If you manage to find a solution do post it so I can try it too.

Okay.  I just formatted a document in 7.2 – document was the expected 1998a, 1998b and 1998c – updated to 7.3 and yep  – in a library with only 3 records I constructed, when I updated the bibliography, I got 1998a, 1998c and 1998e as the years for APA 6th output style.  Not sure if it is the style or endnote yet.  will play around a bit more 

will update just the other thread on my experiences. 

I also upgraded the software yesterday, looks like that may be the problem.  No idea how to revert to the previous version though!  My assignment is due on Monday, so I might end up having to convert the reference list to text and amending it that way - what a pain.

I find Cell and Harvard work correctly with 7.3, – but APA 6th didn’t.  Not sure what is different.  Can you sneak by with one of the other output styles?  

Hey all,

I just wanted to let everyone know we’re aware of the problem, it is indeed specific to X7.3, and we’ve got folks working on the problem.  We’re very sorry for any panic felt when seeing nonsensical citation identifiers, I can understand the anxiety that this might cause.  In the meantime, if you’ve got a paper due, we’ve got a few workarounds that should help.

First of all, EndNote online isn’t impacted by the issue, so if the style you’re using is available there, it should be a pretty simple matter to change the Application tab in your CWYW prefs in Word to format with the EndNote online version of the style.

Alternately, EndNote X7.2.1 still works fine.  Rather than revert your own copy, which can be a pain, please feel free to reach out to tech support and have us format your document for you, we’d be more than happy to save you the trouble.

Unfortunately, I can’t say when we expect to have a fix out to the public, but in the meantime hopefully these options will help, especially if you have anything due soon.  Thanks, and again, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello all,

We have a beta release available with a potential fix for this issue. If you are interested in beta testing the release, please contact me and I will send more details about what testing involves. This is for X7.3 users only. Please indicate if you are on Mac or Windows.

Best regards,


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I’m experiencing this same issue - Windows 7 Pro. 64 Bit. How do I get the beta release?

Rick, Could you provide more details on switching to the online CWYW option as a short-term fix? I wouldn’t assume that it’s an easy fix if people have never used the online aspects of Endnote. As a start, I’ve tried uploading my references to an Endnote online account and it failed. Advice?

Hi Sharon, I would like to try the beta release. What should I do?

I don’t think the references need to be in the online version – as the travelling library should still provide the needed information.  – Or am I wrong?  

To change to the online version of endnote (word 2010-2013) - on the endnote ribbon, open the " Preferences ". and the last tab is Applicaiton.  You change to Endnote Online from the dropdown there.  

And I tested, the citations in the formatted manuscript do not need to be in the online library.  It will fix the ambiguous lettering just find with the online version of endnote and APA 6th.  


I have contacted the technical support about my problem with EndNote 7.3 and was advised to contact you for the beta version.

I wonder how I could get that? My email address is


Huy Cuong


I contacted techincal support about my problem with Endnote 7.3 and was advised to contact you for the beta version. I wonder how I could get that? I am using windows.



Really – they told you to post here?  How strange.  Why didn’t they just let Sharon know??? 

Hi Sharon,

Could I please get the beta release - Windows 7 Pro. 64 Bit

Thank you.

Dear Nick,

I am having this issue and I would like your tech support to format my document to 7.2.1.

I have no idea how to do it. Could you where to send my document? 

I hope you will respond to me quickly, as I have a paper deadline soon!

Hello Rick,

I am having the same issue, and I would like your tech support to revert my document to ver.7.2.1.

Could you tell me where to send my document?

I hope you get back to me immediately as I have a paper deadline soon!


Yes the online version does not have the problem but the online version does not support author (year) format.

Please advised.


Hi again all,

Contact details for Technical Support to have us do the formatting for you can be found at:

If you’d like to contact the beta coordinator for access to the beta fix, they can be reached through the forums by clicking on their name in the post on the previous page, or via email at:

endnote.betacoordinator [at]

Very sorry for the confusion there.