"an invalid argument was encountered"

i cant update my bibliography on word 2010  it gives me error message “an invalid argument was encountered” how cani fix this ??

Does this message only happen in this particular document or any document? What happens if you were to open a new blank document and insert a citation?

If the error message is document-specific, are there any tracked changes in the document? Before doing anything else make a backup copy of the document.

Once you have the backup copy click on the Review tab, and in the Tracking section set the view to “Final” and not “Final Showing Markup.”

On the Reference Manager 12 tab click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography” and choose “Convert to Unformatted Citations.” This should turn all the citations in the text into temporary citations showing the author year and ref id in brackets, e.g. {Smith 1998 45 /id}.

Next make sure that every temporary citation has an opening bracket and a closing bracket. In addition make sure that you do not have any equations, symbols or other unusual characters enclosed in the curly braces that Reference Manager is using to look for temporary citations.

Next press Ctrl+a to highlight the entire document, create a new blank document and, in the new document, press Ctrl+v to paste the entire document into the new document.

Once you have done that click on “Update Citations and Bibliography” and check to see if Reference Manager is able to format the new document.

Hi, this issue is happening for me but in any new document for any of my existing reference databases.

  1. Close all programs.

  1. Go to your C drive Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft

If you cannot locate it check in

Program FilesX86\Common Files\ResearchSoft

  1. You will want to delete the ResearchSoft folder.

  1. Go to Start Control Panel Programs Programs and Features

Locate Reference Manager Click Repair.

  1. Once the repair is done try using Word and Reference Manager to see if you

still get the error message.