"COM exception" error after editing a style - nothing helps!

Hello community,

I keep getting an error message “A COM exception has occurred. Command failed” when I try to update citations and bibliography in Word for Mac. I first got this message after editing the reference style I was using (removing the parentheses from in-text citations). I have tried using the original version of the reference style, removing all the comments from the Word document, restarting and even reinstalling both Word and EndNote. Nothing seems to work, I’m completely desperate! The document is about 85 pages long and has over 150 individual citations, so I cannot check the codes for all of them manually. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else could be causing this? Also, what are the implications of getting this error message - will I not be able to make any edits to my citations or?..

Thank you for any and all advice xx

Did you try the steps in this support document? 


I assume you can’t unformat the citations to plain text?  

But, the first thing I would try a new document with the style to be sure it isn’t the style.

Next is to copy and paste the content to a new document, without the bibliography. 

if that fails - try copying 1/2 of the document – then the other 1/2.  By this stepwise, you can try to isolate the portion that contains the part that has a corrupt code or field.