New citations cannot be integrated


I´m running Reference Manager 12.0.3. I have created a word file two months ago and now I would like to continue. But when I add a reference now I only see the temporary citation (picture attached). When I run “Update Citations and Bibliography” nothing changes. Any suggestions for my problem? I don´t want to add all the citations again…even if its possible that this happen again the next time. Thanks in advance.


did you find a solution as I am having the same problem.


unfortunately not. I made a complete new word file and added all citations by hand. Some minutes ago I got the same problem. I will contact the support now directly.


Maybe I got a “solution” for this bug, try following:

“Convert Citations and Bibliography” → “Convert to unformatted citations”–> copy al your data

open a new word file

insert your copied data

“Update Citations and Bibliography”

This works sometimes…not reproducible…