Ancient author needs no "Family Name, First Name" format - how to avoid automatic formatting?

I deal frequently with an author referred to as “Saadiah Gaon” - this is a fixed order, like “St John” or “John the Baptist.” I don’t want fnotes or bibliographies to write “Gaon, Saadiah” - this is quite unstandard and is like writing “The Baptist, John” in a biblio…you get the point. 

This happens even if I input the author as “Saadiah Gaon” without a comma in my “Ancient Text” format. 

this is what I get:

Gaon, Sa’adiah, Commentary on Psalms. ed. Yosef Kafih. (Jerusalem: American Academy for Jewish Research, 1966; reprint).

(along with alphabetization by “g” instead of “s” in my bibliog)

How can I get around this problem?

Thank you!

Try putting a comma after the whole name in the author field:

Saadiah Gaon,

This is used to handle also corporate authors, indeed in my EndNoteX3 help I find:

"Author and Editor Names

Corporate Authors

When entering corporate authors, put a comma after the name:

 U.S. Department of Agriculture,

 Apple Computer Inc.,

This ensures that the entire name is treated as a first name, so no name manipulation will be applied."

Hope this works also with your version of EndNote…

That works great - thanks so much!