How to format full name bibliography


I’m an user of EndNote X4, and I need to format the bibliography so that the names of authors are displayed in very specific way. The author’s last name must be entirely in upper case, and the other author names must be complete and only the first letter capitalized. Example: the authors Joaquim Ferreira Barbosa and Manuel Silva Betim must appear in the bibliography EXACTLY as follows:
BARBOSA, Joaquim Ferreira; BETIM, Manoel Silva.
This format is not present in the list of choices from the “Bibliography - Author Name” style I’m developing.
Any suggestions?

Valter - Brazil

In order to have different formats for an author’s first and last name, you’ll need to treat them as separate fields and manually adjust them within each reference. EndNote treats author names as a single field so formatting options affect the entire name field.  Selective formatting of the first and second name is not available.

EndNote treats author names as one single field but  modifying the available “custom” fields within each reference type to hold first name and last name information may present a workaround.  Once the customized fields are added to the assorted reference type templates (e.g., journal article, book, book section), you will need to manually enter the name information in the desired format (full first name in the first name field, capitalized last name in the last name field). 

Besides adjusting the reference type templates to accommodate the customized first/last name fields, the output style will need to be adjusted as well.


I think this is not a practical solution, especially if you have a large number of references to treat. Doing some experimentation, I noticed that if I put the author’s full name as usual, manually capitalizing the surname , and using the “Capitalization - As Is” and “Initials - Full Name”, I get the desired output. Note that this only worked if I manually capitalize the surname of the author when inserting the reference.

The action to capitalize only the surname of the author is a bit annoying and troublesome, always considering the large number of references and authors on a work, because there is not exist a formatting tool that does this in EndNote automatically - for example, a button to capitalize a whole word, as exist to turn bold or italic or underlined.


May be a new “Name Format” option or a new “capitalize” tool could be considered for a next EndNote version, since this bibliographic format is is widely used in legal texts and books in Brazil, and fully compatible with ABNT Bibliographic Norm.


Valter - Brazil

I am forever amazed at the variety that publishers can come up with.  It is as if they say, gee what does current software do automatically and how can I adjust our requirements to make it difficult for them! 

In my experience, Journals that have these kind of requirements, also have an inhouse software solution to convert an author supplied manuscript to conform with their inhouse style. You may want to enquire about that. 

I agree.

In this case, however, it is not a “journal” or a specific publisher requirement, but a “general rule” between the authors of legal text in Brazil. The bibliographic formatting discussed in this topic is used in books, articles, web sites, independent publication and more.

This kind of formatting is also a “standard” by our national standardization authority, called ABNT, and MUST be followed in works like university dissertation and thesis.

Valter - Brazil