EndNoteX1- problem with author names


I have a problem regarding the citation of authors names.  I ve read all the instructions and think I followed them, but still its not working…

If I have more than 1 author name, for example Thompson, K.N. and another one called Phillips, L.J. EndNote always cites it like Thompson, K.N. & L.J. Phillips. So the first one right and the second one EndNote starts with the first name.  This problem holds when I am using online databases that i import as well as when I am creating a library reference myself. Has anyone an idea?



Author order in  bibliographies are specified in the style you are using.  Edit your output style (which is under references, edit, output style: (default is the name of the selected style).  Go to the bibliography section, author name, and you want them to say first author: Smith, Jane and other authors: Doe, John (at least in EndnoteX- isn’t it nice that they represent both sexes and that the woman is on …a-hem… top? – there must have been some females on the development team!)

Hi Leanne, thanx, but this es exactly the output style I m using. Still it appears like this: Catalan, A., R. Segarra, et al. (2008)… Any other idea?

OK, I just solved it :smiley :smiley: … had to use APA format… sorry