Android Compatibility


Currently Android phones are the most popular throughout the world and their laptops are also gaining prominence rapidly.  I am contemplating such a purchase, but I note that EndNote (one of my most valued applications) is not currently available for this platform.  I would ruge you to address this issue for obvious personal reasons, but also because it will have a dramatic effect on your sales.

Thanks for your attention,

Douglas Raybeck

agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks as though the conversation has been going on for 4 years!

During that time, I have tried a few of the alternatives.  At least they allow me to create references on an Android device, sync my library, and read (and annotate) my existing references.

Very sadly, they don’t work as EndNote does on a desktop with MS Word, otherwise i would certainly have dropped EndNote because of the delays implementing this feature.

Come on Thomson Reuters, get a grip!

We need:

  1. add new citations to library from barcode, DOI, searches of public libraries

  2. add photographs and web pages as new citations

  3. sync library including PDFs (yes, most smartphones nowadays have huge amounts of memory)

  4. allow me to read the item and PDF, and annotate PDF and write notes into the reference

  5. potentially to copy/ paste the “{citation}” into a Word for Android document.  I (myself) don’t mind that it isn’t properly formatted and doesn’t create a bibliography on android, as it will when i run word on my desktop