Last plea for an Endnote for Android app

This suggestion had been repeatedly made in this forum and others for 5 years and the only reply I’ve ever seen is “we are considering it”. Other programs like Mendeley have managed to see the analyses of offering an option for Android users, but it appears there is absolutely no will on the part of Thomson Reuters to do so. So I’m making my final plea. At this point the only thing keeping me with EndNote is that I dislike the idea of paying monthly to have my bibliographic database stored by Mendeley, but at this point it will be cheaper than upgrading EN. So an Android app is absolutely necessary for me to justify staying worth EN. To reiterate user hminney’s suggestions, such an app should include the following features:
"We need:

  1. add new citations to library from barcode, DOI, searches of public libraries
  2. add photographs and web pages as new citations
  3. sync library including PDFs (yes, most smartphones nowadays have huge amounts of memory)
  4. allow me to read the item and PDF, and annotate PDF and write notes into the reference
  5. potentially to copy/ paste the “{citation}” into a Word for Android document. I (myself) don’t mind that it isn’t properly formatted and doesn’t create a bibliography on android, as it will when i run word on my desktop"
    Please come back with to this comment with something better than “we’re considering it”. Give us something concrete like a timeline or roadmap.
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I am in agreement here. It is absurd that this has been ignored for five years.


I’m a new Endnote user and I imported my entire 2.5 years in my PhD program into EndNote, only to start school this semester and realize there isn’t an Android app.

Sorry guys, but this is a deal breaker; I can’t believe that in 2017, when Android makes up a huge portion of the tech market, all I can find on the internet is requests with no identifiable progress on this from the EndNote team. 

I agree with previous posters here, offline access is essential. Are there any decent third party apps to allow me to still use my EndNote library? I would love to stay with EndNote, but if I can’t find a solution for my tablet, I don’t see any other option but to go to Mendeley.