Annotated citation styles


I’m looking for a citation style that includes an abstract along with the usual details. Checking the style finder, and searching for ‘annotated’, there are several listed with the word ‘annotated’ in their title - but only one of these actually includes the abstract.

Does anyone else know of a style - or has created a style - that includes the abstract?

Ideally, we’re looking for a Harvard Author-Date citation style.


It is pretty simple to edit any style you have, inserting the abstract field and “save as” a new style.  The help files and manual  step you thru  how to create a style from scratch, but it is much easier to modify an existing style that is close to what you need.  You can open Annotated and copy the parts that you would like to also appear in the Harvard style, then save the Harvard style to a new name. 

 I am not aware of any others that come that way “out of the box”. 

Thanks for your reply Leanne. We’ve only got access to Endnote Web, via Web of Knowledge, so we’re unable to create customised styles. Searching through the list of styles ‘annotated’ appears to be the only style that includes the abstract, but it’s MLA based. Looks like we’re stuck with it for now, perhaps. Thanks.

Hello, JoRich:

Institutional users of EndNote Web should have an EndNote Web administrator at their site who can both edit styles and upload them for the users at their institution. Please check with your institution to find out who is your administrator, and perhaps they can assist you in setting up what you need.