Automatically adding information, subtracting info

Working in EndNoteX5, some of my reference citations now include the abstract (if it is in the file) and often the citation will not include the source such as journal or page numbers.  The program seems to just pick random citations and not indlude inforamtion or include too much. I have solved a temporary fix by deleting the abstract and then going into the citation in the paper and editing it. This is rather time consuming and I would rather fix the propblem than putting a bandaid on it.

You need to be a bit more explicit.

By citation do mean the citation in the text or are you referring to the text listed in the bibliography? 

What style are you using?  The inclusion or exclusion of data stored in the individual records is defined by the style.  Changing the style in the endnote program does not affect the style being used in the manuscript (if it did, you would have to keep switching back and forth when writing more than one manuscript to different journals).  Out of the box, endnote tends to have the “annotation” style selected, and this would include the abstract.  In the manuscript try changing the style (either on the endnote ribbon or in the format bibliography interface).  You can view what a reference will look like in the Bibliography list for a specific style in the preview tab of the style manager. 

I am referring to the citation in the bibliography.  I’m consistently using APA style and Microsoft word exclusively.  I’ve been using EndNote for almost a year with no real problems. I’ve even gotten used to some of the idiosyncrasies of the program.  About two weeks ago the citations in the bibliography began including the abstract in some citations and not including the source, such as journal or book name, and issue and page numbers in some of the other citations.  I have gone back in to EndNote and deleted the abstract as a work around but I would like to fix the problem.  I have used the Word delete in the past to remove citations and I think that may have corrupted my library. I have over 300 references in my library and I do not want to have to rekey everything back into a new library.

Here is an example of a citation that had the abstract (I deleted it in EndNote) but it doesn’t add the source or page.

(Davis, 1953)

Davis, K. (1953). Management communication and the grapevine. 31.

Okay, well in Endnote terms, a citaion is defined as the text in the document while the reference or bibliography is the list at the end. 

You should never have to delete material from your record to avoid it showing up in the Bibliography.  And deleting your citations should never affect your library in any way. 

I have over 5300 refs in my library, 300 shouldn’t be a problem either. 

Did you go back and make sure your word document is using the APA style? Have you tried a different style (-maybe try “Author, Year” but I can’t remember what styles get installed out of the box)?  If a different style gives similar incorrect refs, then the problem is probably in the library. If the different style is more correct than try download a fresh APA style from the Help, web styles finder - give it a slightly different name from the original and try reformating with that. 

If all else fails, edit the file name to replace the .doc with .txt and attach it here along with the output style you are using, and we can take a look.