Anyone else suffering with EN20 being VERY SLOW

So I routinely write larger manuscripts and need to cite while I write in Word (365 subscription so I have the most recent word version and EN20).

I have a fresh windows 11 install, and am running

  • AMD 7950x 16 core CPU with adequate cooling
  • NVME boot SSD and a second SSD where the library is located (also NVME)
  • 64 GB of DDR5 6000 MT/s ram

My current paper barely has 50 citations, and the library im using (just for this manuscript) sits at 70 references, and somehow EN20 still finds a way to bog down this workstation. It is ridiculous that no amount of processing power thrown at this software seems to fix it.

Yes, if i turn off automatic formatting things get better, but you’d think they’d be able to fix this.

One trick I find helpful when moving from one version of Endnote to another - is to save a copy – then unformat citations (convert to unformatted NOT plain text). and then reformat them. I think that the word field codes might be slightly different in either the way Endnote interacts with the word or how word interprets them, and that bogs down the processing. – once you have them in unformatted – you can remove field codes from the document to make sure there aren’t any other glitches (assuming you don’t have table of contents, etc) – also turn off the option to “link” citations to the bibliography, which also causes a slow down. You can reactivate that at the end, if you do want the hyperlinks.