EN X6 is *slow as molasses*

Holy snails, Batman, EN X6 is sss…lllll…oooo…wwww…  Makes you wonder if the EN team bothered to test it before releasing this piece of poo into the wild.


Win 7 Pro x64


dual-core i5

Hello Albo,

That seems odd…  EndNote X6 isn’t any slower than any other version for me, and is actually considerably faster than most of the older versions.  Which function in particuarly are you referring to?

One of the newer features for EndNote (for perhaps the last 3 versions) is a setting in the Cite While You Write functions, which establishes a hypertext link between the citation in the text, and the bibliographical reference at the end of the document.  The sole purpose of this link is so that clicking on the citation jumps you to the bibliography…  and that’s all it does.  But, the process of implementing and formatting the document when it contains these links can be…  time consuming.

In the Bibliography Settings in Word, disabling the “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” will quite possibly speed up the formatting process tremendously.  Especially if there are a lot of citations in the text of your document.

Please let us know if this doesn’t help resolve the issue.


for example, when i type letters to get to an author in my list of refs in endnote, it takes forever.  Everything about navigating around in the endnote application is *really* slow, and horribly frustrating.  I’ve had no issues with CWYW - i always just leave the refs as { }, and then update the bib every now and again.

This isn’t an issue that we’re aware of…

One of the things that you might want to start with is the “recovery library” option, from the Tools menu.

If there’s some kind of corruption in your library, this could be part of the issue.  If so, the saved version of the library may perform better.

If the library files are present on an external drive, a thumb drive, or a network…  you can try using “Save a Copy” from the File menu to save a copy on a hard drive local to the machine, and see if perhaps it’s a performance issue with a device.

Additionally, there are known issues with using an EndNote library from a DropBox, or really any folder tied to a service that syncs to a cloud environment.  Make certain your library isn’t in such a folder, as over time, this will eventually damage the library beyond repair.

Do any of these options help speed the performance of the software?

Please let us know.



Same issues as mentioned.  CWYW goes through an update routine every time I insert a new in-text reference citation.  I have timed the update at around 5 seconds each.

Finding and replacing refs within a long document takes forever. A good 15 s between cites. Terrible. 

Searched the net, and found that killing the prefs can make it better. Sure does. But then X6 gets slower and slower as it goes on. So back to ignoring all upcoming cites, quit Endnote, kill prefs, and start from where you left off. MAJOR PAIN IN THE BUTT.   

Now gues what: this happens on Mac OS X 10.8 (according to my internet search), on OS X 10.7.5 (me), and from this thread on Windows as well. And my hardware is wiccked fast. The common thread: Endnote X6. This is the problem. 

If I could downgrade, I would. Worst experience ever (and I;ve used Endnote for about 15 yrs, various versions). Why not try to streamline the copde and gun for SPEED, instead of trying to add features. Now that I would gladly pay for… 

Not sure what the issue is.  Have you updated EndnoteX6 to the most recent version?  Does it help to turn off the hyperlinking?  to turn off CWYW?  I can’t really speak to the slowdown, as I work on a PC. 

I have the same problem, except that it takes more like 5 minutes to enter or edit a citation.  Does anyone know how to turn off the automatic updates and do them manually?

I tried disabling “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography,” as you suggested.  EndNote is working much faster now.

Thank you very much.

Disabling Instant Formatting will of course help, to the User where it’s taking 5 minutes.

You can find this under Tools - Bibliography Settings…  - Instant Formatting.

Additionally, another option that can help speed the formatting is to change one of the settings here.

In the Instant Formatting tab, under Settings, there is a “Check for citation changes” option.  Disabling this option prevents EndNote from polling the EndNote library for changes to the original records.  Manually running the “Update citations and bibliography” command will trigger this polling, for when Record changes are necessary.

Also, for longer documents, Word’s pagination process during the formatting can also be time consuming.

Simply performing your insertions in Draft view, rather than print preview can also help speed things along.

I do hope this helps.



Thank you.  I will keep this in mind.  I tried disabling “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography,” which helped immensely.  My document is rather large.

I agree with what ByTor says:

"If I could downgrade, I would. Worst experience ever (and I;ve used Endnote for about 15 yrs, various versions). Why not try to streamline the copde and gun for SPEED, instead of trying to add features. Now that I would gladly pay for… "

I also have used EN for about 15 years, and the earlier versions were faster and better - apart from the limit on number of references. I now use X.02 and have no intention to upgrade because the upgrades get worse! I have communicated my concerns to the AdeptScience people but nothing happens.

I personally am not interested in CWYW (I don’t use it) nor in linking to PDFs - though I do attach JPG images to records. Nor in the web version. I just want a database that stores the records that I make and is RELIABLE and can be searched easily and quickly (instead of waiting waiting waiting when it first opens). I also want EN to return to how it was in the past when you could enter a keyword and it would not automatically capitalise it. The outputting in various different formats is very handy, however.

Please, can you just concentrate on making a reliable, fast database. I do not want all the bells and whistles.  I just want a simple, basic bibliographic database. I use this every day, and, like ByTor, would pay for a simpler, reliable, rock-solid version.

One of my databases crashed today (less than 8000 records). Now I am getting worried about the relability of this EndNote. 

Hi Steve

It is super slow for me too. I have been using Endnote for 10 years - I recently changed to MS Word2013 - still using Endnote x6 - and something is seriously different in terms of speed and slowness.

Now any changes to my doc citations (new insertions/ changes to citations etc) takes a looooooooooooooooooog time to update citations.

I have “coped” by turning off CWYW etc. but really, it is not working as it should. From this forum I can see that it is not me - but Endnote.

IT support at my uni advise that hopefully x7 will solve the problem… will it?

Based on my experience of using X7 with Word 2013…it is worse!


Hope this helps. I don’t know why it builds up like this, but I hope they get it fixed without those workarounds.

Good morning,

Also having this problem. I recently upgraded my laptop (i7@2.8GHz/8GB Ram/Windows 7 Pro) and Endnote (x6.0.1)

Though whenever I cut or paste a citation word freezes up for about 10 seconds and a dialog box pops up saying “updating bibliography”.

I have been using Endnote for about 10 years now and these problems never happened with  previous versions.

Per this discussion board I already disabled the “link citations to references” option but the problem persist.

Please advise as Endnote is constantly interrupting my writing. Not only is it making me unproductive, but it’s getting quite irritating. 


and did you follow the suggestion in the link in the message preceding this?  

I have this simlar problem on Mac but in Pages (not Word for Mac). There is a lag when typing anything in a Pages document when anything is cited (normal Pages documents are super fast), and seems to especially slow down when it tries to create a hyperlink to a reference. I don’t use this feature anyway. I was on Endnote 4 I think and noticed this when I recently moved to EndNote 7.1. I’m using Pages 5.2 (latest).

I want to try the disable “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”, but can’t find any such option in Mac Pages.

Does anyone know how to disable this within Pages? I’ve looked around in these forums but couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Steve,

Every time I insert or remove a citation it takes 15 seconds and sometimes longer.  I followed some of your instructions - I disabled “link in-text citations to references in the bibliography” in Word’s bibliography settings, disabled the “check for citation changes” option in the instant formatting tab, and I’m working in Draft view - however, the length of time has not changed.  I am working with EndNote x6 and Word 2013 and I have a 100 page document with a fair number of citations and this is just going to keep increasing.



This is normal, I’d say. The best idea is to disable instant formatting anyway, because it means all Citations have to be re-scanned any time you insert a new one.

Then, after you’ve inserted a couple, save the document, hit CTRL-9 for updating all citations, and save again. That’s how I do it.

Or am I misinterpreting the problem here?