Extremely slow progress

I have a ~245 page document full of links, Endnote is incredibly slwo when updating.  For example if I cut a block of text I have to wait ~1 minute with the blue spinning circle of doom.

Is there any way to reduce the wait time? 

I’m willing to upgrade my pc components if necessay… Anyone know if endnote uses CPU or GPU memory?

Depends on your version of Endntoe, but If moving large blocks of text with citations, you probably want to turn off CWYW and also turn off the hyperlinking of citations to the bibliography (in format bibliography).  You many even want to unformat the citations to their temporary form.  This prevents any inadvertant corruption of the rather large hidden fields that hold the endnote information.  

So – Unformat to temporary citations from the toolbar or ribbon (NOT remove field codes, or make plain text) 

This should also turn off CWYW.  But if you go into Format Bibliography> and untick the box on the first tab, “link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”  

Later you can manually format from the format bibliography menu, turn back on CWYW and even turn back on the hyperlinking if it is something you would like active in your document.  

Ok, I was hoping there was a way to make the pc use dmore of the memory for endnote but that workaround looks good. Thanks,

I am having the same problem (I use Endnote X4). So it sounds like upgrading to a web-based version of Endnotes won’t help? I am a little nervous about following your instructions—but they do make sense!

I Am Having The Same Problem, Can you Please Help Me, How to Solve This Issue?